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top5business is the oldest publisher of Singapore’s leading business and trade directories. Over 40 years of experience has enabled us to become experts in data management and harvesting. This specialisation allows us to offer small, medium and large companies a diverse range of data services that is geared towards improved marketing precision, customer acquisition and data hygiene.


Database Marketing

This unique marketing strategy is a process in which you can use the database of customers, products and suppliers to contact, transact and build business relationships.

This helps you to:-

  • Identity and locate customers.
  • Reach target audience easily.
  • Stimulate customer demand.
  • Help customers make informed decisions.
  • Acquire new customers.
  • Improve ROI.

Database Licensing

Business can benefit a lot from the database usage especially in locating, targeting and acquiring customers. We provide maintenance of the existing database and also update them with the latest information. This helps you to:-

  • Locate, target ad acquire customers.
  • Contact customers repeatedly.
  • Get the right and updated information about your target customers.

Database Rental

Collecting and storing data is just not enough. They have to be properly utilized for better customer relationship. We provide database rental services. This helps you to:-

  • Rent database on a one time basis.
  • Use the database to reach target customers.
  • Use the database for direct Mail Campaigns.

Database Management

With the extensive industrial growth in progress, every organization faces the challenge of data management. Data pours into the company from all sides. All these data should be collected, stored, harvested, analyzed and be used to take informed decisions leading to the growth of the company. We provide solutions like data enrichment, data cleaning, appending and updating. Good Data Management software helps you to:-

  • Collect, store and analyze data effectively.
  • Reduce redundancy.
  • Enhance integrity and consistency of data.
  • Promotes sharing of data easily.
  • Helps you take informed decisions.

Leads Generation via Telemarketing

Reach your target customers easily with the help of our experienced telemarketing professionals. Our experts do a thorough screening of database, identify potential customers and then contact them with personal care. They carry out tests like profile matching, needs assessment and data analytics. This helps you to:-

  • Identify target customers easily.
  • Give the right information to the right customers at the right time.
  • Improve sales and enhance ROI.

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